Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

This is my mother's all time favorite day, that she never stops talking about, and she's been bugging me for quite some time to paint her a picture. For mother's day I thought I would give her the best of both worlds. While I understand my portraits are an acquired taste this is my first real attempt and I am pleased with my mother's reaction. I also went over things with silver and gold glitter in the respective areas.

I look forward to improving my portraits as well as trying out some landscapes and oil painting. I recently purchased some proper water colors and I am more than thrilled with the results. I've been making animal images for our dining room, just the ones we eat of course. Share those when I get some proper pictures and time!

Love is...

If I were a Stargate character I would be a replicator. For Christmas I made a bunch of boards that I saw on Pinterest that jump started me wanting to make all kinds of things on boards. One of the things I'm obviously interested in is artwork for my home and this speaks volumes for me. I have loved Snoopy since I was in elementary school and this is the perfect way for me to show Tristan I love him too! I have a couple other boards I plan on making but these are the ones I have done at the moment, in order of completion from left to right.

Each of the Snoopy boards are personal to me and the next one being "Love is sharing your popcorn". I'm soo excited to get it done and more excited to share with you. After that I plan on starting coffee signs for my kitchen, we are after all coffeeholics!

Na na na na, BATMAN!

This last August I had no idea what to do for my Batman loving nephew so I just decided to do what I know best, homemade painted gifts in the best efforts that I could. I am really proud of myself and they were extremely hard to part with. I've thought about painting some for myself but I don't see them coming out the same. I have however painted since and it's becoming very theraputic. 

Batman, Robin and the Joker.

Sunday, September 18, 2011